Male Sex Toys Guide

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Penis Pump

penis-pump-buyers-guideMale penis pumps initially showed up on the market promising to add length to your penis, and different penis extenders and pumps were meant to improve size and also hardness. A few models like the male edge extent work by footing to help increase and thicken your penis. Front line outlines like this don’t need to be hidden in the back of your storeroom.

Lightweight and in a jazzy case, this extender can be put away anywhere. Penis pumps are still a prominent choice for men; the pumping activity makes a vacuum in the chamber, improving the blood flow for a stronger, more durable erection!


Fleshlight Vaginas

fleshlight-vagina-buyers-guideJust as women have vibrators, men have options as well to achieve orgasm alone, specifically using a sleeve or penis tube.

Most will be hand controlled and look and feel like a realistic vagina, bum, or mouth. Penis tubes come with different various sleeves, some that vibrate, while others are molded after well-known porn stars. There are a variety of materials on the market as well to suit your particular needs. The pleasure of a sleeve or penis tube is comparable to that of a vibrator!


Sex Dolls


To simulate sex, many men use sex dolls, some with inflatable bodies, and others that have the genuine look of a vagina for a more individualized experience. The costs of the toys are dependent on the quality of the materials.


Cock Rings

cock ringsCock rings guarantee a firmer and more enduring erection. Cock rings on the market today are pleasing on both sides, not just for the wearer. Vibrating cock rings transform your penis into your own vibrator, and depending upon the style, most cock rings are made with jam or latex knobs to further both users’ climaxes. An impeccable toy to help couples improve their sex life!



Prostate Massagers

prostate massagersMale toys that stimulate the man's prostate are common among gay couples, however they are becoming more common in the straight community as well. If a lady can use a vibrator before sex as foreplay, why shouldn't a man enjoy his g-spot?

Prostate stimulators come in a few varieties: male vibrators, butt plugs, or anal dildos. Anal toys used alone or with a partner can intensify any orgasm. For an authentic feeling, men can choose a material that feels similar to a real vagina.