Aspire Nautilus & Nautilus Mini BVC Coil Heads 5 Pack


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Aspire Nautilus & Nautilus Mini BVC Coil Heads 5 Pack

Aspire Nautilus and Nautilus Mini BVC Coil Heads - 5 Pack

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You have a choice of 1.6Ω & 1.8Ω BVC

It's recommended by Aspire to use the 1.6Ω coils if you are using a standard non-variable voltage battery or a mechanical mod. If you are using variable voltage battery then you can use the 1.6Ω if you prefer more of a throat hit or 1.8Ω if you prefer a smoother vape.

To change coil you need to turn clearomiser upside down, unscrew the base, unscrew the coil head, then just screw in the new one and leave for 5 mins then continue vaping. The Aspire coils have been known to last around 2 weeks or sometimes more, just change when you start losing flavour.

PLEASE NOTE: These coils are only for the Aspire Nautilus Range. They will not fit other tanks from Aspire.

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