Astroglide O Personal Lubricant & Massage Oil

Brand: Astroglide Lubricants
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Astroglide O Personal Lubricant & Massage Oil

A unique blend of organic ultra hydrating plant based oils give this personal lubricant and massage oil a luxurious feel. Use Astroglide O to bring excitment to all kinds of intimate play. Infused with Ylang Ylang essential oil derived from the flower petals of the tropical ylang ylang tree. These flowers are still used to decorate the beds of newly weds in Indonesia. Combined with a delicious coconut scent this formula will help get you to the next level of pure pleasure.
Product Information
EAN 7707308485005
LIQUIDVOLUMN 4floz 118mls
SIZE 4floz 118mls
BRAND Astroglide Lubricants

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