Anal Sex Toys Guide

Anal Sex Toys Guide

Congratulations on your choice to purchase yourself an anal sex toy! So which one would you say you are going to get? If you're not certain yet, let this article guide you through the minefield of anal toys so you can find something that is perfect for you.

From anal beads to douches, we have everything all the tools you need to experience body-tingling anal play. This guide will clarify what anal toys are on the market for you to explore.

Make sure that, regardless of which toy you purchase, you have lube available to ease the experience!


Anal Beads

Anal beads are circular balls joined together by a versatile, body-safe material. Perfect for amateurs, anal beads can be used alone for stand-out anal pleasure, or in the midst of masturbation or intercourse.

Pull these smooth beads out just before experiencing climax to feel an incomparably satisfying sensation!


Anal Dildos

Standard dildos work well for anal play, but may be too much for those who are new to the practice.

Anal dildos are molded to stimulate the prostate organ in men and the delicate back mass of the vagina (but from the other side!) on women. They often have simpler heads for easier insertion.


Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators are perfect for individuals who have enjoyed vibration somewhere else on the body. They come in many shapes and sizes, so you will be able to find one that matches your particular desires.

They can evoke strong sensations to the sphincter rings, allowing you to build a powerful climax!


Butt Plugs

When you consider anal toys, a butt plug is often one of the first toys to consider. They are loved by sexual novices and veterans alike for their flexible uses.

Butt plugs can be used to warm up towards using an anal dildo or simply getting penetrated. Many people even wear their butt plugs while they go about their day by day life – it can make even an outing to the store all the more pleasurable!


Anal Enema Bulb

In case you need to be squeaky clean for anal play, douches are a surefire option to prepare beforehand. They collect water into the rectum, clearing any waste and preparing your anus for clean, hygienic, comfortable sex!

Not for the weak of heart, inflatable butt plugs can expand up to 5 times their resting state, making them incredible for the individuals who desire that feeling.


Prostate Massagers

The prostate is a covered gem, situated around 2 inches inside the male anus.

By using a prostate massager, you can stimulate this zone and experience incredible full body climaxes. Many have reported climaxing from prostate play alone!

Generally larger than the standard butt plug, these vibrating toys are perfect for individuals who need the full feeling of a butt plug in combination with the power of a vibrator. A vibrating butt plug is simple to use. Just make sure to insert it before turning it on!

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