Bondage Safety

Bondage Safety

Bondage is a way in which couples can push the limits past their comfort level. The adrenaline rush of feeling at-risk and the bait of acting unconventional can make bondage all the more enticing. Although rewarding, bondage can have its own risks and it’s essential to understand safe practices to keep the romance not only fun, but enjoyable for both you and your partner. Here are a few tips to guide your sexual journey.


Engage in Bondage Only with Someone You Know Well!


Bondage typically involves one participant surrendering control to another. The control is usually physical, and can include the use of ropes or various types of cuffs. It can also involve a verbal dominant and submissive element as well. Giving up your control to another can leave you feeling vulnerable. That’s why it is essential that, if you choose to initiate this type of sexual practice in the bedroom, ensure it is with someone that will communicate through the process, allowing the practice to be mutually enjoyable. Does it make sense to give control of yourself or your body to a stranger? On the other hand, even an acquaintance? Absolutely not! Only allow yourself to be bound by someone you know you can trust!


Communicate with Your Partner

Communication implies listening as well as talking! Be attentive to your partner’s reactions and verbal responses. If your partner seems hesitant or expresses discomfort, it’s crucial that you communicate and change your practice accordingly. Communicate any limits you want to set in advance, if possible, so that your partner will know prior and can ensure that you enjoy yourself as much as they do. In the event that you engage in pretending amid bondage, make certain to set up a " safe word " that your partner can use to convey that they aren't just acting.


Never Leave Your Partner Alone

There are always risks to being bound, and in case you're not there to help free your partner, they won't have the capacity to help themselves in the case of an accident or an unsafe situation. Gags are notorious for the potential of breathing problems, and it's also possible for the restraints themselves to cause problems for the individual being restrained. Therefore, if you are looking to get tied up or tie your partner in the bedroom, it’s important to unleash the bonds if you plan on leaving the room in the chance of emergency, and to communicate what your limits are regarding being restrained.


Stop If Things Aren't Going Well

The goal in bondage is for both participants to test their sexual limits and to enjoy the moment together. If one partner is no longer feeling comfortable, it’s essential that their partner stops what they are doing.  Communicating boundaries beforehand can help both participants avoid an uncomfortable scenario and ensure that each person is sexually satisfied and comfortable from start to finish.

Here are four practices that apply across all types of bondage scenarios and activities. These tips will help kick you off in the right general direction towards a safer and happier bondage experience.


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