Beginners Bondage

Beginners Bondage

Bondage. What does the term “bondage” make you think of? Cowhide, whips, chains, high-heeled boots, choking, substantial limitations, and presumably PAIN? For many, bondage, or BDSM, may be an intimidating practice, but the truth is it is whatever you and your partner are willing to do! Fun loving bondage - the kind that will be talked about here – can be, and IS, an EXTREMELY pleasurable affair for both partners - and can leave both you and your partner begging for more!

What does BDSM stand for, anyway?

B - Bondage

D - Discipline/Dominance

S – Submission/Sadism

M - Masochism


Ball Gags

A ball gag is meant to stifle the wearer's voice or keep them from talking. Typically strapped around or over the head with an elastic ball that sits inside the wearer's lips and teeth, a muffle is used to establish a feeling of submission. Stiflers are typically ball gags, but they also can include bits, snares, rings and fasteners.


Room Bondage Kit

Room bondage kits usually include lower leg sleeves, a couple of wrist sleeves, a blindfold, and some type of whip, flogger, or oar.

Some other bondage packs can also include ball chokes, collars, ticklers and leads, bondage tape, ropes, spreader bars, and other tools to bring to the bedroom.

Buying a kit can save you some cash and also allow you to have everything you need on hand for when the mood hits!



A blindfold keeps the wearer from seeing anything, which can allow the individual’s other senses to be heightened. The blindfolded lover will feel less reluctant about experimentation and more open to their partner’s desires.


Clasp Clamps

This is a sexy little tool that can be hung over the clitoris or clitoral hood, or clasped onto the clitoris, inducing a combination of pain and pleasure to the wearer. Using a clit clamp can engorge the clitoris and make the sexual experience more pleasurable by increasing sensitivity.


Electro Sex Toys

Electro sex toys range from dildos, butt plugs, and bullet vibrators to charged gloves, cock rings, and nipple clamps.

Many toys have vibration variations so the user can choose what they prefer. Utilizing sex toys in the bedroom can be an erotic addition to any couple’s foreplay (or penetrative sex) experience!


Plume Ticklers

A quill tickler is made either totally or mostly from plumes used to tickle and tease the skin. Feather ticklers energize the nerve endings and can cause goosebumps, which in turn will make you more sensitive to touch. Plume ticklers are often used during foreplay to increase overall sensual sensation.



Cuffs are a type of wrist restraint that joins the individual’s hands together. They are typically produced with a metal finish, but for strictly sexual uses, they are also available in softer materials as well.

Nipple clamps and suckers grab onto, hang off, or create suction on the nipples to increase size and sensitivity. They are often customizable to allow you to adjust the weight applied on the nipple to your personal preference.

Vibrating nipple clamps use vibrating slugs to improve sensations further. When the clamps are removed, the nipples become swollen and more sensitive to the touch.


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