Pipedream Extreme Toyz Do Me Silly Man

Brand: PipeDream
Product Code: RD185
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Pipedream Extreme Toyz Do Me Silly Man

You know you've always wanted to take a ride on big hard cock like this, so what are you waiting for?! Lay this super stud on a flat surface, assume the position, and ride him silly! Working from his sexy washboard abs and chiselled waistline, down to his amazing huge cock, this macho man is ready to rock your world and then some. Your personal toy boy who's always up for a good time, let him fulfil all of your young guy fantasies!

Made from Pipedream's incredibly realistic feeling "Fanta Flesh", this 20lb mega stud masturbator is the most lifelike fuck-friend ever created. Squeeze his squishy balls and feel the firm nuts inside his gigantic sack. Stick a finger up his tight little butt while you deep-throat his tasty man meat or fuck him deep in the butt while you stroke his big dick! Whatever you want to do, he'll never say no! Grab hold of his thick, flexible cock and guide it up inside you. The soft, supple Fanta Flesh material warms to your body temperature and feels just like the real thing, only better! This hunky heartthrob never goes soft or limp right when you're about to climax. Say goodbye to those midway letdowns forever. He's always ready to dish out a dick-down you'll never forget!

Every lifelike detail of this shredded dude is moulded after a stereotypical ripped jock.

Bring him in the bedroom with you and enjoy an unforgettable threesome with your rock hard lover. You won't feel guilty about bringing another person into the mix and it's much safer... Fuck him on the bed, chuck him onto the sink or table, or even right there on the floor... He loves to try new things and new positions! After you take a wild ride on his massive cock, turn this bad boy around a go bareback on his round bubble butt. Don't worry about a thing, he loves a good old fashioned pump and dump, so spread his chiselled cheeks and blow a huge load insde his virgin-tight hole. When youre done, clean-up is simple with Pipedream toy cleaner and warm water. After he's dried completely, apply Pipedream Extreme Revive Powder to restore the masturbator to soft, like-new quality.



  • Height: 12 inches
  • Width: 14 inches
  • Depth: 14 inches
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Cock Length: 8 inches
  • Cock Girth: 1.7 inches



  • Life-Like Fanta Flesh Torso
  • Moist Body Lotion
  • Pipedream Refresh Toy Cleaner
  • Pipedream Extreme Revive Powder
Product Information
DIAMETER 1.7 Inches
EAN 603912746280
LENGTH 8 Inches
MATERIAL Realistic Feel
SIZE 8 Inches
BRAND PipeDream
INSERTABLE 7 to 8 inches
WASHING Hot soapy water and powder

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