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Cloneboy Cast Your Penis Candle

Cloneboy Cast Your Penis Candle from LuvNaughty
Cloneboy Cast Your Penis Candle
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The Cloneboy Cast Your Penis Candle kit contains all the necessary items to make a working red candle copy of your penis either alone, or together with your partner.

The Cloneboy contains no plaster that can irritate the skin and uses a medically tested moulding material made from natural algae. The simplicity of the kit enables you to create your own Cloneboy Candle in a few easy steps with perfect results every time.Unlike other cheaper kits The Cloneboy comes with a lasso cock ring ensuring you keep an erection during the moulding process and is far easier to use with a longer 3 minute mould setting time.

Package includes:
Carton tube
3D Gel
Red parrafine
Cock ring
Jelly stimulator (elastic black cuff)
Manual (EN, NL, DE, FR)

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